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Powerful eCommerce marketing solutions offer your business complete digital growth. With our eCommerce marketing strategy, your eCommerce store can apply strategies like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more to create online brand awareness, traffic, leads, and accumulate massive sales.

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How We Do It To Advertise Your eCommerce Business On Marketing Platform

Our seamless process and advanced strategy help you drive high-value sales for your business via our advanced creative and result-driven digital marketing strategies and management.


We find the perfect audience for your business by leveraging marketing platform and it's data modelling. We develop custom avatar of your matched customer and then target this audience with our powerful ads setup to convert them into high-value customers.


We design and create high-converting images and sales videos to captivate the attention of your prospect and advertise your eCommerce base product or service.


We create powerful and persuasive ad copy that ignites your audience and creates sales action in your offer. Our copy is well researched, SEO optimized, 100 unique, catche headline and 100% plagiarism free. it totally help you boost and achieve compelling sales and business goals

We do A/Z multiple testing with various optimization styles like video, headline, images and a well-crafted copy to express road to call to action and allow us to identify the find out the most profitable setup.

We believe that a well-optimized ad gives maximum performance, we optimize y of your ad campaigns on regular bases with our dynamic data-driven approach. We try to measure which audiences and ads are giving the best  ROI and maxium profit.

Our deep experience in running world-class 6/7 figures ad campaigns, have helped us to continue to  developed advanced bid optimization strategies to reduce your lost and advertising cost, and added a reinvest  your advertising budget in the most profitable way by creating proper placements that brings the highest ROI in your business.

 Scaling is one important trick that guarantees success over time, We scale the most profitable and high converting ad campaigns to strategically increase your profit while maintaining a high ROI on every running campaign.

 Our ultimate tracking systems will re-engage people that have visited your business and then create an advanced re-marketing campaign strategy to convert them into actual customers in order to create high-value sales, repeat and customer retention.


You will have full access to your business because we are totally transparent with you, we will always give access to explore more  ROI, your sales, profit and total summary. We will constantly create reports so that you can have a full assessment of the overall advertising activity and examine if you are on profit or loss.



Our classified approach consistently delivers results for our clients


We explore major things about your market, business and target audience in your market space. We pinpoint how to achieve your advertising campaign goals by helping you maintain these variable KPI (sales, profit, customer acquisition cost, ROI).


We create a profile of your perfect audience and build a strong strategy to connect with them and convert them into high-value customers. We also create a plan to achieve your goals with custom digital marketing strategies.


We create world-class ad campaigns using our result-oriented advanced strategies and execute them to deliver real results and achieve your overall business goals.


We monitor the performance of any ad campaign to single out the best performing ads and bad performing ads. This process will allow us to scale the performing ads while we kill ads that are not likely to yield outcomes. We always make sure we utilise your advertising budget effectively to guarantee a maximum ROI. We keep testing new ads until achieve your RIO. We keep optimizing your ad campaigns to maximize and initiate performance and ROI. We don’t just rush to meet your set goals but surpass them.


We present our marketing report to show our powerful results using Key Performance Indicators(KPI) so you always figure out how well work we have worked for you in terms of advertising campaigns we have created. We produce weekly and monthly reports so you are always studying the results that your ad campaigns under our management are generating for your business and advertising goal.

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Basically, for eCommerce marketing solutions, you only need an agency that you can trust with their seamless guide to achieving your digital marketing goal with a data-driven digital marketing strategy. Following our years of experience and hundreds of repeated and satisfied clients, CDA Ltd offers eCommerce business owners from all continents of the world reliable project management for eCommerce marketing growth.

CDA Ltd is a qualified agency to  help your business grow with powerful eCommerce marketing solutions as fast as you want to achieve your business goals:

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Outsourcing your marketing goal is a quick way to grow big for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it will definitely give you the time to concentrate on other areas that matter to your business goals. You just need a technically savvy team that is well-grounded in creating custom marketing strategies for your eCommerce business. Classified Dynamic Approach Agency is a perfect match to overwhelm the 21 century eCommerce competition that is just around today.

With our agency, you receive a complete eCommerce marketing team, which includes everything listed under our powerful eCommerce marketing bundle and our entire digital marketing project that offers you a solution you will never imagine.

As a business, you need one great platform that gives you everything you need just in one place, to market and promote your store online and start earning profit.

When you hire us you have everything included and exclusively for you, professional web designers, great marketers and persuasive copywriters to give you a complete eCommerce marketing solution, you enjoy complete access to result-oriented that are tailored minded for exponential eCommerce growth


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One of the ways we help our clients achieve success in their eCommerce business is to focus in creating custom marketing solutions and strategies. With our simple approach directed to your audience and business goals, we help you maximize and optimize all the variations like social media marketing, copywriting, SEO and content marketing.

Our major objective is to customize and give you powerful eCommerce marketing solutions that bring regular traffic to your website.

Working with our agency will give you incredible results because we take the accurate time to learn more about your business, audience, and all your projected goals. It is simple to say that our marketing experts will help you build a compelling strategy that achieves your long term business goals.


2 Marketing Networks
  • Recommendation
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Custom Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page Design
  • Copywriting


3 Marketing Networks
  • Recommendation
  • Facebook, Instagram , YouTube Ads
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Custom Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page Design
  • Copywriting


4 Marketing Networks
  • Recommendation
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, PPC Ads
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Custom Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page Design
  • Copywriting


4 Marketing Networks
  • Recommendation
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, PPC Ads + SEO & Email Campaign
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Custom Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page Design
  • Copywriting

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The proof is in the pudding, it’s the results. The true testament to any marketing firm is the cases they can generate for you. If you do that well, you’re doing a great job to achieve a long term growth. Classified Dynamic Approach does that well

ASHLEY CARRASCO Software Developer

There’s no expectation that you’ll stay at the top of profit forever. You have to adapt good digital strategy. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward that is the real projection. We’re constantly thinking of new ideas and implementing new things to help us stay at profit level. classifieddynamicapproach.com is adaptable and ahead of the curve. We’ve really just had great results with them


We quickly began ranking either number one or first page of every desired search term. Visits to our website and conversions have both increased 'dramatically

RONAL MACCAULEY Fashion Designer

Great to work with. Amazing polished website--colors, spacing, design-- just how I had envisioned it. Knows what they are doing and will definitely be coming back for future projects.

FELIX NWOKOLO Marketing Director

Amazing designers. Friday and his team understood exactly what I wanted. Very meticulous, responsible but above all excellent designer. From now on all my projects will be with him, very professional! Provided exactly what we needed. Will absolutely do business again! as I repeat.


Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks

Charlie Cooper WordPress Dev.

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