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The most critical issue, for which you must quickly find a solution, is client acquisition.. According to research we covered, business failure occurs in 20% of cases within the first year, 45% of cases within the first five years, and 65% of cases within the first ten years. Accordingly, within the next twelve years, one in ten businesses on this planet will have their business fail.

What Is The Main Factor That Causes Businesses To Fail?

  • >  Because they were unable to come up with a proven and consistence method of acquiring clients, I want to say that as you are on this page, something in your client acquisition system or procedure is broken. I want to congratulate you because you are now one step ahead of your main competitors because before you can get where you want to be, you must determine whether you are on the proper direction or not.

As I demonstrate how this works, you will see that acquiring new clients—or customers, leads, whatever you want to call it—is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business before you start generating money. Business survival depends on cash flow. Going back to the statistic we mentioned earlier, 65% of businesses fail within the first ten years. So, one thing that the majority of successful business owners have in common is that they are adaptable at continually bringing in new customers. So, what do all of the successful businesses over the last ten years have in common? 

The one thing they all had in common was that they concentrated on outsourcing their client acquisition to marketing experts with a guaranteed client acquisition system while freeing up their in-house team to concentrate more on scheduling more appointments, converting leads, and closing clients. Okay, just think about it, the last thing you want to do is to outsource your client acquisition to the wrong system or never try to outsource at all, but when you outsource, the goal is to bring in new clients. Because acquiring new customers is how you make money for the business.

You definitely don't want your poor business decisions to determine the success or failure of your business. Therefore, things like client acquisition, and as we know that one in every five businesses fails within the first year and that the number one reason is that they don't have a consistent way to bring in new clients, you will think of doing things better. How then do we determine our business's bad decisions?

You may determine that by handling it yourself, you won't have the time to concentrate more on other issue-based business. By outsourcing your client acquisition, you have figured this out the right away, and the nice thing is that if you do, your business will have a chance to survive in terms of generating income for it and any other businesses you may have in the future. The need to use a client attraction system to ensure customer acquisition is now clear to you.

Let me demonstrate the three finest methods for increasing client consistency in your company.

However, Classified Dynamic Approach has worked with couple of clients, creating a guaranteed and unique client acquisition approach for each of their businesses. There are several things you should set up in order to fill your schedule with appointments, attract new clients, and bring in revenue to the business.

The majority of marketers will begin with lead generation, but that is not where we begin. Since lead generation is only possible if you have a solid framework in place, we begin by laying that foundation before we discuss filling that pipeline with leads.

So, let's face it, acquiring new clients is a challenging undertaking, which is why we developed a guarantee system to do it correctly. Once you have the fundamentals in place, it let's you set every other information correctly. We employ five primary client acquisition strategies, which will be discussed on the call. Moving on to pillar three, you will become really busy and start working if you don't have somebody working for you once the foundation is put in place and you can consistently feel your pipeline. Your time would be better spent working on other aspects of the business as the owner. It's critical to follow up on leads and schedule appointments as soon as possible. Additionally, it depends on your success at closing deals and setting appointments. In order to control quality and efficacy, you want to make sure that you or your internal staff is highly motivated during the appointment. You or your team must possess sales ability, communication ability, and conversion skills in order to make appointments.

We are so certain that if we don't use our tried-and-true client acquisition strategy to help you find the results you're after, we'll still help you produce additional high-quality leads. Increase your phone contact with those prospects so you can schedule sales appointments and seal deals. We have a performance-based guarantee, so if we don't assist you in achieving that, we'll work with you free of charge until we truly take control of the speeding horse, push that rolling ball to the finish line, and ensure that you get the outcome you want.

Now that you are aware that your business will not be one of the five business to collapse in the next five years. We can make an offer for you that customers will find it difficult to reject. We have developed a system for successfully acquiring new clients, and we will  customize it to each individual client in order to expand you business clientele.

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The proof is in the pudding, it’s the results. The true testament to any marketing firm is the cases they can generate for you. If you do that well, you’re doing a great job to achieve a long term growth. Classified Dynamic Approach does that well


There’s no expectation that you’ll stay at the top of profit forever. You have to adapt good digital strategy. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward that is the real projection. We’re constantly thinking of new ideas and implementing new things to help us stay at profit level. classifieddynamicapproach.com is adaptable and ahead of the curve. We’ve really just had great results with them


We quickly began ranking either number one or first page of every desired search term. Visits to our website and conversions have both increased 'dramatically


Great to work with. Amazing polished website--colors, spacing, design-- just how I had envisioned it. Knows what they are doing and will definitely be coming back for future projects.


Good leads are coming from Google and social media ads. Friday and his team understood exactly what we wanted. Very meticulous, responsible but above all excellent digital marketer. From now on, all my projects will be with him. very professional! They provided exactly what we needed in terms of ad spend and output. I will absolutely continue doing business! I repeat. "


I need to say this service is beyond 5 stars rating. Excellent communications and understanding of our needs. Delivered before time even !! We definitely recommend this team as the best copywrighter! And this is definitely not our last order 🙂 Thank you one more time for an amazing and so professional experience


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