A problem-solving team that amplifies and simplifies digital marketing and sales strategies for ”Local Business Professionals” that are on top of their game and  are ready to meet today’s customers Demand, Service & Satisfactions.

Classified Dynamic Approach is an effective digital marketing agency. We focus on creating comprehensive internet marketing campaigns and programs for local businesses that will increase sales,  and, more importantly, online engagement from their current and potential clients. We use the most effective Social Media, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, SALES funnel, and Web marketing & development approach to create unique experiences for all of our clients’ customers.

 We will brilliantly help you get the highest number of customers to ensure you profit from your offer more and more and continue making more revenue and profits online while upselling, downselling, and creating more additional offers no matter the level of your business. We Help You Consistently Generate New Clients Within 7 Days Through Our Client Attraction System And Non-Branded Traffic That Makes All The Difference.
With our top-tier industry solutions, we will help your company achieve a predictable growth by focusing on creating ROI-forecasted strategies that help your business scale up with custom digital strategies created exclusively by our industry solution marketing team!
Creating an Innovative Internet Marketing Strategy with breakthrough ideas and innovative internet marketing services that deliver unique results you won’t find anywhere else.


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As the owner of a local business, it can be difficult to keep your phones ringing and your crews booked so they can work their full week. If you're like many local business owners, you've probably sought help from a digital marketing provider that made unrealistic promises but delivered only average results. That is why it is important to connect with an internet marketing agency that knows the specific elements and challenges of local businesses.

At Classified Dynamic Approach, we've been building actual business for Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Property Attorneys, Dental Practitioners, eCommerce, Contractors, etc. in the local business area for over 6 years, so we know what works and what doesn't. Our process includes tangible results, transparent reporting, and proactive communication.

Classified Dynamic Approach, which was founded in 2017, is a results-driven digital marketing firm designed to help local business professionals acquire more clients, grow their sales, and become more successful in the process. So, if you're having difficulty getting things done correctly in order to increase your bottom line revenue! You Can Sneak a Peek at Our Agency's Full Potential As We Implement An Efficient Digital Marketing Strategy + Key Points That Ensure Predictable Growth For Our Global Clients! 

Showing the entire road map "plus" the birth of our CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM, meticulously classified into different programs in our back end, to address your key failure: when you try to LEVEL UP WITH DIGITAL MARKETING TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE AS A LOCAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL.

We plan, build, and execute all web SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns.

We create and maintain your social media presence.

We identify trends and insights, and optimize spending and performance based on the insights.

We measure and report the performance of all your digital marketing campaigns, both relevant and irrelevant, to allow you to reap the full benefits of your business goals (KPIs and ROI).

We plan, execute, and measure experiments and conversion rate tests.

We utilize our strong and strategic analytical ability to evaluate the end-to-end customer experience across multiple platforms and customer touchpoints and recommend and apply where necessary in your business.

We use Google Analytics, Premium Keyword Planner, and Google AdWords to outperform your competitors.

We create business development strategies that implement SEO and PPC strategies effectively.

We create and collaborate with your internal teams to create landing pages, sales funnel and optimize the user experience for a high-growth customer approach and multiple sales.

We create and manage comprehensive link-building strategies, unique content marketing strategies, and social media visibility.

We captivate your audience with high-quality and custom-made explainer animation sales videos to attract high paying customers with engaging and unique content.

We help you monitor and report web statistics at various stages of the customer lifecycle to effective take decision that will transform to business growth.

We create and manage email and social media marketing campaigns.

We evaluate emerging technologies, and provide thoughtful leadership and perspective on adoption where appropriate in your business.

We research, innovate, and present new marketing packages and strategies for exponential business growth.

We forecast practical marketing campaign growth and ROI for your marketing campaigns to remain evergreen.

We create a successful online business, basically to surpass the impact of a economic downfall and COVID-19 pandemic.

Growth automation, i.e., marketing, engagement, and sales processes

We help you claim your Google My Business Profile ” If You Haven’t” and help you boost GMB star rate and reviews that will automatically boost your position to first page on Google whenever a customer searches your business type in your local area.

We are doing great work from our backend to help you achieve your online and offline business goals! We’re simply known as “Top-level Industry Solutions With Our Proven & Guaranteed  Clients Attraction System That Helps You Bring In Customers And Revenue To Your Business.”

 Through our effective digital marketing system that works, we have helped businesses and clients within our focused industry, achieve huge business growth globally.


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Partner With Trusted Digital Marketers, Consultants And  Big Agency With Pool Of in-house Experts! We are ready  to render the service that matters most to your digital growth and transformation.

Real Fact + Our Classified & Refined Approach

Top-tier industry solutions that guarantees success

Special Leads: Continually Produce Special, High-Quality Leads That Call You When You Want Them. Your Leads Won't Ever Be Exchanged For Any Reason.

Predictable and Trackable: The ability to track your investments to the last penny will allow you to stop worrying about finding new clients once you are working with us.

Assurance of Success or We won't stop working for you until you get the results you want since we are confident in our abilities.

Month-to-Month Agreement: Long-Term Contracts Are Not Required. Feel free to cancel any time you like .

The Modern Marketing Approach.

The outdated method is no longer valid. Don't Depend on... Only Mutual Dependence Or Referrals - TV commercials and newspaper ads - High-Priced Billboards - Fighting Over Shared Leads - Word of Mouth - Extensive SEO Agreements That Never Profit Your Business

THE FUTURE IS NOW and the quest for Customers Acquisition has pushed every business to a great level of competition, leaving many businesses with the option of applying only a successful system or fail. In This Now Future: - You Will Get a Predictable Number of Leads Every Month - You Will Get Specially Targeted Leads On Demand - You Will Get Leads Calling You & Finally Turning Into Qualified Customers At a Spot - You Will Get Sustainable Growth For Your Local Business - You Will Start Seeing Results in 7 Days - You Will Get Quantifiable Results That Are Worth Your Penny & Desired Results!

Research & Execution Strategy

We are so determine to hear about your business challenge related to leveraging digital marketing to grow your business to the next profit level. After that, we'll carry out customer and market competition research. Based on our extensive research into your company, business or idea, we'll apply and create personalized growth strategy for your business. A measurable strategy for your business that will drive you more measurable results. We'll position your business to the best optimizing digital systems that will bring the most profitable growth at a competitive price. With this process, we'll use our  actual execution strategy and create the highest converting approach that will continue scaling to bring sustainable and actual  results to your business!

Targeting, Optimization, Scaling And Conversion Strategy

We'll make sure your ads are distributed to the right customers or clients who are most interested in your niche, and this is done basically on customized program that works perfectly for your business, Our system makes use Search Engine Marketing on Google by utilizing the best performing keywords, social media marketing and advertising platforms, Google PPC campaigns that keep performing, and email marketing success centered on acquiring the best customers for your business. Our simple goal here is to make sure you are connected to the right audience with the help of our classified dynamic approach, creatively to help you generate the highest converting leads that you can simply nurture and turn into paying customers and high-ticket buyers to keep your business profitable. .

Continuous Results!

With our core package, constructed to help you generate growth with the best possible means through digital marketing strategy, we'll create and recommend to your business a sales technique and offer world-class advice that produces more results for your business and introduce the required tools needed to convert massive sales leads into actual paying customers, selling and building relationships with returning and referred customers, which will constantly increase their average order value and long-term customer value. Through our process of logical thinking, we'll recommend the best ways to settle disputes relating to disapproval by any potential customer or already acquired customer, as the case may be, and help to nurture and increase sales through automated email marketing, discount offers, content marketing, and sales funnel strategy.

Why You Keep Getting More Leads

Our built system includes gohighlevel implementation and execution strategy that allows us to explore more of our effective optimization, scaling, and targeting techniques in order to accurately connect your business to the real customer that falls within the demand of your niche and can possibly be converted into leads and actual sales.  Imagine if we could help you acquire your expected highest number of customers?. Capturing quality leads, generating massive sales, adding up revenue, and becoming profitable in overall earnings and business growth happens to be a big dream for all business owners, but with today's cut-throat digital marketing competition, businesses are now being outranked and connecting to new customers has always become a big issue. Basically, this has amounted to wastage of time and advertising budget because of the quest to drive traffic and acquire customers, but if properly planned, built, and optimized with good system in place, it will stop the wastage and bring lots of profit and huge success. Our digital marketing experts are standing by with our heads full of testing and strategy development to assist you in making the most of your budget, achieving great goals, and earning more revenue. Are you still thinking and wondering about this reality?

Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies And Services

Maybe you tried and failed, and you are really looking to build a sustainable future for your website, local or business? We have a proven system of achieving your ultimate goal. In digital marketing, success is indeed always measured by actual results when there is good system in place. Classified Dynamic Approach "Ltd." has been a highly successful online marketing firm, developing and testing new strategies from research to design and lead generation strategy for more customer acquisition. We measure every project in terms of success. As part of CDA Ltd.'s Advanced Marketing Program (AMP), we provide tactical and comprehensive online marketing services ranging from design to branding, advertising and marketing for lead generation. We take care of your digital marketing needs as a whole while ensuring a high return on your investment (RIO). We assure you of a larger target audience, new leads, and online and offline brand loyalty. We believe that there is a lot that goes into bulletproof digital marketing before success can be counted.

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Testimonials from our numerous CDA clients

The proof is in the pudding, it’s the results. The true testament to any marketing firm is the cases they can generate for you. If you do that well, you’re doing a great job of achieving long-term growth. Classified Dynamic Approach has a proven and guaranteed system that does that well.


There’s no expectation that you’ll stay at the top of profit forever. You have to adapt good digital strategy. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward that is the real projection. We’re constantly thinking of new ideas and implementing new things to help us stay at profit level. classifieddynamicapproach.com is adaptable and ahead of the curve. We’ve really just had great results with them


We quickly began ranking either number one or first page of every desired search term. Visits to our website and conversions have both increased 'dramatically


This team provided a quality product that was customized for my brokerage. He was responsive, answered questions, and the video was very helpful for me. If it is your first time working with A/B ads or ad series on Facebook, I highly recommend the video


Good leads are coming from Google and social media ads. Friday and his team understood exactly what we wanted. Very meticulous, responsible but above all excellent digital marketer. From now on, all my projects will be with him. very professional! They provided exactly what we needed in terms of ad spend and output. I will absolutely continue doing business! I repeat. "


I was unsure if Facebook ads would help my business because I had tried before but it didn't yield the right results. With this company, I found insights into FB ads that might now become more effective for selling my service. It was a great learning experience. Besides, this team is well aware of the trends in the industry. He was patient in explaining the nuances in placing ads and I'm looking forward to better results this time – unlike my previous experience using FB ads with previous marketers.


"Quick to respond, this was a new business i went into and at the moment it's x2 ROI. Will tweak the website and I am sure we will get a better ROI. He is giving me a very good ROAS on my other business. We will be combining the contracts, hence why i ended this contract. Would highly recommend it.


The classified team has been great to work with. They work very hard and are results-driven when it comes to SEO. They are also very honest and have been very quick to respond to any questions I have had. We have also seen a difference in website traffic since he first started. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a boost in SEO.


"Friday has done a fantastic job for me..." We've tried social media marketing several times in the past and have lost money every single time. This was our first experience where we were actually able to report a profit. I enjoyed working with this team and will continue testing social media further. I do recommend his services.


"Friday understands digital marketing inside out. He helped us nominate the right tools and strategies for our new customer acquisition campaigns. Friday is equipped with creativity and know-how to execute simple to complex campaigns himself. I absolutely recommend his services.


"Cassified Dynamic Approach has an amazing ability to simplify complicated processes and the knowledge and skills to translate emails into sales/revenue. It's been a pleasure working with them and I will look to continue using them for construction email campaigns. One of the best email marketers in the internet space PERIOD! "


"Absolutely brilliant job by CDA Ltd. We have done many projects together but this was exceptional work." "Totally nailed the look and vibe the client was looking for with a great design. Terrific work."


We had a great time working with the CDA team and even got the chance to express myself. They helped us define our traffic research process, along with spending countless hours researching various sources for traffic and acquiring customers and ensuring that we got qualified leads. We wish them all the best in their continuous projects.


Friday and his team advised us on how to maximize our sales funnel and offered insightful suggestions on how to best manage our customers and contacts for future correspondence and sales conversions. He was extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, communicated his ideas clearly, and was instrumental in getting us excellent and ready-to-go customers for our haulage business. We would look forward to hiring this agency again.


It is always a pleasure to collaborate with the classified team! I have worked on several major video and animation projects with great success. great communication skills and flexibility. I highly recommend this for excellent video service. "


It's always a pleasure to work with Friday. He created a successful lead generation ad campaign for our small business and we are currently working on scaling it from there. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of digital and social media marketing services.


Such a great and insightful phone call!!! I am a complete newbie and it is hard to find a legit ads campaign manager within all these sellers in the digital space but Classified Dynamic Approach team are extremely knowledgeable and I felt relieved to come across a firm who knows what they're talking about. I will be on a long-term contract with them. Thanks again!


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    The future of digital marketing and advertising is highly competitive and bright. Social media platforms have created new chances for reaching the appropriate audience with the best information at the right time for customer acquisition. Classified Dynamic Approach delivers the best customer acquisition strategy. All we do is to bring in new customers to your business using a wildly profitable customer acquisition strategy in the digital marketing process. It’s the reason we excel. Because we are digitally aware. We know how to create a positive client experience and calculate our return on investment. We are aware that every investment you make with us must generate a profit for you.

    Building a digital marketing firm with a reputation for delivering outcomes for our clients is something I’m dedicated to. When it comes to your business, our team pledges to “always do our best.”

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