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Increase Your patients lead Sales by 2x or 3x With the Aid of a Reputable dental marketing company. Our dental client acquisition system gives you access to premium-quality leads and promotes your company as they come to you to openly perform your service in your covered and serviced region, making it possible to steadily grow your business's revenue and earn total profitability.

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It might be difficult to keep your employees fully scheduled so they can work the maximum number of hours each week as a dental clinic business owner. If you're like many other dental professionals, you've undoubtedly tried managing the marketing yourself or even looked for a looked for a digital advertising firm, but it produced less than ideal results, emptying your bank account and leaving you disappointed and worried. In circumstances like this, it's crucial to work with a marketing firm that is familiar with the distinctive features and difficulties of the dentists marketing.

As long-time participants in dentistry marketing solution

We at Classified Dynamic Approach are familiar with what works and what doesn't. Practical outcomes, accurate reporting, and forward-looking communication are the foundations of our method. Classified Dynamic Approach is a digital marketing company with a track record of success that was established to help specialize health service providers, and we have been doing it consistently! Specifically, we are helping so many dental companies, acquire more customers, increase their sales and revenue, and improve their profitability throughout the marketing process by using a classified dynamic approach.


This is our Classified Dynamic Approach That Demonstrates the process we take to scale your business online 

Advance planning is an essential component of every effective digital marketing campaign. The more knowledge we have about your brand, the easier our performance will indeed be.

We will do the following throughout our digital marketing assessment conversation:

- Gain knowledge about your brand.
- Pay attention to you and clearly identify what you would like to accomplish with your marketing campaign.
- Determine the most effective strategy for your campaign.
- Examine your competitors' strategies as we share our findings with you to show you exactly what they did to achieve their current marketing position.
- Estimate how long it will take to achieve your targeted goals and how much money you will need to invest to stay on top of your marketing game. 


Our in-house digital marketing team will conduct comprehensive research and analysis for each unique campaign to create a solution-focused digital marketing strategy that will improve the current position of your business and reach your target audience.

Our team will implement "profitable target" marketing and campaign ideas that other competitors in your market space may have overlooked, and we will analyze the  top ranking businesses in your to discover what strategy they're effectively leveraging to cover your locality and marketplace.

Ultimately, depending on our deep understanding of your business goals, we'll recommend the best customer acquisition strategy to adopt.

We'll get on a phone or video proposal call to talk through our findings once we've decided on the ideal marketing strategy for your campaign. We'll clarify specifically how we'll get your company your targeted customers.

We will do the following on this call:

Examine our strategy for a successful marketing campaign.
Provide our marketing campaign research findings to you, detailing the ideal method for a future plan.
Explain how our monthly and quarterly reporting processes is designed, as well as a live demonstration of our dashboard application, which lets you keep track of your campaign 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Break down our budget recommendations and the outcomes we can achieve.
Examine our complete terms of project.

Are you ready to go? Keep an eye out for a welcome email from our founding father, Friday Jimoh U. This email will include the following information:

- a link to plan a time and date to join the official onboarding call to go over the next quarter's strategy.
- a link to the complete invoice mandate in order to ensure a smooth invoicing process.
The email will include the onboarding form, which must be completed before we can begin the campaign. This form has the following items:

The finest email addresses to which we should send our monthly reports. We require this information in order to make decisions about the status of your project.


Prepare for a call as we go over the specific campaign strategy for your company.

This is a significant call since it:

Provide you a clear insight on what will happen before the campaign begins. Make sure that we are all on the same page that the plan will help you achieve your goals.
Allows you to conveniently access the campaign and understand exactly what we're doing behind the scenes to achieve you results.
This gives us another opportunity to demonstrate how our 24/7 dashboard works, allowing you to track the performance of the campaign at every moment.


Jenifer Smith


The entire Classified Dynamic Approach team has been outstanding. They respond quickly and are quite helpful.



Pamela Duncan


Classified Dynamic Approach has been a pleasure to deal with! very skilled about the constantly changing algorithms that comprise SEO!

Steve Tailor


Classified Dynamic Approach delivered on what they promised and on time! The entire procedure was quite simple to us and I will highly recommend their team!

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The outdated method is no longer valid. Don't Depend on... Only Mutual Dependence Or Referrals - TV commercials and newspaper ads - High-Priced Billboards - Fighting Over Shared Leads - Word of Mouth - Extensive SEO Contracts That Never Benefit Your Company... THE FUTURE IS NOW! and the quest for customer acquisition has pushed 90% of businesses to a highh level of competition, leaving many businesses with the option of applying only a proven and successful system or stand to fail. With This Program: - You Will Receive a Predictable Number of Leads Each Month - Leads Will Call You and Truly Become Customers, and Your Business Will See Consistent Growth.

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The future of digital marketing and advertising is highly competitive and bright. Social media platforms have created new chances for reaching the appropriate audience with the best information at the right time for customer acquisition. Classified Dynamic Approach delivers the best customer acquisition strategy. All we do is to bring in new customers to your business using a wildly profitable customer acquisition strategy in the digital marketing process. It’s the reason we excel, because we are widely digitally aware. We know how to create a positive client experience and calculate our return on investment. We are aware that every investment you make with us must generate a profit for you.


Building an effective digital marketing firm with a reputation for delivering outcomes for our clients is something I’m dedicated to. When it comes to your business, our team pledges to “always do our best.”


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